Las Vegas

Las Vegas is “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. It’s a high rolling, no limits dream machine overflowing with bright neon lights, bountiful buffets, and irresistible jackpots. Soak up original Monets and Picassos in French style ambience, watch pirate ships sink each other in a Caribbean lagoon or take the family to an amusement park such as Grand Slam Canyon. More international superstars and multi-million dollar productions are on display along the fabulous “Strip” than anywhere else in the world.

Vegas is the most dynamic and vibrant places anyone can possibly imagine visiting.

Check out one of the many diverse and flamboyant casinos on the famous strip and through out the city.

Over thirty seven million people from all over the planet come to Las Vegas each year and try to cash in on their dreams with one lucky bet that can change lives forever.

Las Vegas is the party center of the world where dreams come true every day. It is the best stop for those who want to have a good time while enjoying the benefits of the saying, "what happens in Vegas remains in Vegas.". There is no shortage of fun and unique things to do in Vegas, all day and all night long